Nakagawa Aquatic Park

Nakagawa Aquatic Park

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Please go towards the Aquarium along a flow of a waterfall.You are welcomed by the beautiful sound of the Kajikagaeru frog.
  Creatures of the Nakagawa Riverthe Nakagawa River

You can observe fish’s various ecology in the Nakagawa River diorama aquarium in which the rich variety of trees are planted.
  Creatures of the Nakagawa River Mouthand the Coastline

Rich sea which Nakagawa River nurtures. It introduces various living in the estuary and the coast.

Hands-on Aquarium

Living thing in the Nakagawa River can be touched in Touching Basin. Please observe it taking living things such as the dace, the carp, crawfishes, and turtles living in the river or the pond.
There might be a new discovery. Please also touch the living thing of the sea.
Fisheries Experiment Station

You can see some fish researched in the adjacent Tochigi Prefecture Fisheries Experiment Station.
If luck is with you, it might be possible for you to meet a very rare fish.
eally lucky, you could catch a glimpse of a very rare fish.
Creatures of Tochigi

It is a must-see for anglers. There is a lot of salmonid fish living in Chuzenji-ko Lake in Oku Nikko such as the Japanese aulopus mass, the river trout, and lake trout there.

Creatures of Tochigi's Small streams and Ponds

This water tank is a diorama water tank which you can meet the fish living in a stream or a small stream such as members of Japanese bitterling family like [Miyakotanago] which is a protected species of animal and t the three-spined stickleback etc. and the fish that living in the Watarase flood prevention reservoir.
Rare Japanese Fish

A large-scale, rare fish representing Japan:huchen and robalo A small-scale,rare fish: cyprinodont and Musashitomiyo.
Will you think what you can do to protect these lives?
Creatures from Sister Regions

Various living things are alive in various places in the world. Please see the fish that lives in Asia, America, and Europe.

Creatures from Tropical Rainforests

It is the biggest Amazon water tank in Japan. There are various fish living in Rio Amazonas from the pirarucu which is the freshwater fish of the world's largest class to the neon tetra called a small jewel from the pirarucu of the freshwater fish of the world’s largest class. Let's dive in Rio Amazonas by latest tube type tunnel "Aqua corridor".
Creatures of the Coral Reef

The coral reef of the world's largest class spreads in Australia Great Barrier Reef. You can meet typical fish such as damselfishes and Hanadai living in a beautiful coral reef in this zone.

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